In order to apply you are requested to answer the brief questions below. Please provide clear and concise answers to the questions. Please note that a budget template is required for each application.
You can download an empty template by clicking on the "Budget template for download" button.

Please Tell Us Who You Are


Who is the contact person submitting this request?


Please Tell Us Who Knows You

Please provide us with the names and contact information of at least three reputable persons who we could contact for a recommendation in support of your activities. You may provide information on additional persons should you wish to.
Title of the initiative:
Approximate duration of the initiative (from):

How did you hear about EED?

Summary of your proposal

This section should give a clear and concise description of the proposal and its activities (Maximum 1500 characters)
- Why is the initiative needed? (Brief overview of context/current challenges)
- What is the objective of the project and expected results? (Expected outcomes)
- How will the project address these challenges? (Brief snapshot of activities – what will be produced or delivered?)
- Who is expected to benefit? (Targeted population)

Detailed proposal

1. What is the objective of the initiative? * (Maximum 1500 characters)

What you are trying to change? Be specific as to your concrete and practical and measurable objective(s) and to your locality/target audience.

2. What are you proposing to do? * (Maximum 4500 characters)

Please answer all the following questions:
- What are the main activities?
- Who are the beneficiaries and how it will benefit them?
- What is the region, country or community targeted?
- How does this proposal respond to the needs of the targeted region, country or community?
- How will gender issues be considered in your initiative?

3. What are the expected results of your initiative? (Maximum 1500 characters)

What are the expected changes that show that you have achieved the objectives of your initiative? How are you going to know that you have achieved the objectives and results you want to achieve?

4. Are you aware of any similar activities already being pursued by you or other groups in your region/country? (Maximum 1500 characters)

If so, in what way is your proposal innovative or complementary to the already existing activities?

5. Are there any risks in carrying out the activities within this initiative, and what will you do to mitigate these risks? * (Maximum 1500 characters)

- What are the key risks that could have an impact on the outcome of your initiative?
- How will you mitigate these risks?

6. Please describe your capacity and experience. * (Maximum 1800 characters)

Please answer all of the following questions:
- What is the size of your organisation/group? For example, number of NGO members, staff, volunteers/participants in your network, annual budget?
- Do you have an office or place to meet?
- Have you already implemented other activities? (please give us a brief overview of up to three of your most relevant activities and their results ).
- Please provide us with a short explanation of why you think you have the capacity to implement this initiative.
- if you have received any donor funding before, please mention which donors, the amounts you received and duration of the projects.

7. EED aims to fund initiatives that other donors may not be able to support. (Maximum 1800 characters)

Please answer all of the following questions to help us understand why funding this initiative was not possible by other donors or other means.
- Have you approached any other donors regarding this specific initiative?
- If not, why not? If yes, please list the donors you have approached.
- Why have you applied to EED for funding for this particular initiative?
- Why would you have difficulty carrying out the activity without EED funding?

8. Total cost of the project (in Euro):

Please provide us with an overview of how you expect to use the EED contribution by filling in the EED budget template. You can find the budget template for download here. Please note that taxes should be included. EED does not cover overhead.

9. Emergency funding

In exceptional and duly justified situations, EED may process a limited number of requests on an urgent basis.
If you wish to request emergency funding, please provide brief answers on all of the following questions:
- Why is your request urgent - Did your situation change rapidly or unexpectedly?
- What will happen if you do not receive funding urgently – Will you be forced to stop your activities?
- Are you facing a financial gap or any urgent expense that you could not predict?
- Were there any unexpected external circumstances that led to an emergency situation?

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Proposed budget *
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